Architects, designers to discuss innovation in the construction sector

Founder of Design Week Lagos, Titi Ogunfure said the upcoming edition of Design Week Lagos 2022 is designed to look for creative ways to enhance innovative designs in the construction industry, with the aim of promoting architecture and design.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, she said the event, scheduled for this month, themed “Beyond The Box”, would enlighten attendees on the changes in the world of architecture. .

Ogunfure said, “A lot has changed in the industry, we have been more exposed. We also did a documentary on the show “Made by Design”, which exposed us not only to Nigeria, but to the rest of the world.

“So you have a lot of people becoming aware of beautiful designs. Therefore, we have so many people doing amazing things and one of the things I say is ‘whoever owns the budget, owns the narrative.’

Speaking on defending design, particularly the ability to identify quality designers, from charlatans, Ogunfure said a bill would be passed in this regard.

She said, “We educate, present and promote, in order to impact the architectural industry in Nigeria. Right now we are in the process of getting legislation.

“I am the 21st President of the International Federation of Architects and Interior Designers, it is the global body for interiors. About five years ago I sat on a panel where we were trying to review education policy around the world, and I found that in Africa we don’t have that kind of standard education .

“We started deliberating on how to bring in legislation that would help Africa. Please note that we do not have any quality interior design schools in Nigeria except for a PGD program at the University of Ife. The University of Lagos is about to launch its own program. Now, when we have this kind of problem, there is a problem.

Ogunfure added: “Most of us who studied interior design had to go abroad to study interiors. We now have many designers who qualified overseas and returned to Nigeria.

“What we started to say is how do we find people who will teach? So it’s like training the tutors so that they can implement that standard of education. Subsequently, we involved the government, and we have been working on it since 2020. We are now at the end where we would present it to the world.

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