Architecture meets design and climate change

A two-day architecture conference, which ended in Bengaluru on Saturday, focused on architecture and discussions on climate change.

The event, organized by the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), Karnataka Chapter, brought together architects and scholars to celebrate the diversity of the southern region.

Among the participants was Japanese architect Waro Kishi, who has worked in Korea, China, Spain and Italy. He said that many trends are developing and becoming popular in Japan.

During a conference, he insisted on the need to specialize in architectural design: “It is important to efficiently develop urban spaces. Society is very complex by nature; it is crucial to understand the differences between each society.

He encouraged young architects to travel the world to find inspiration and understand the differences between societies.

In a session, architect Neelam Manjunath, Global Bamboo Ambassador, CEO of CGBMT and owner of Manasaram Architects said, “Never give up. Develop an inner strength that will take you to great heights.

Peter Rich, Sudhir Reddy, Sandeep Mukherjee, Richard Witt and Elizabeth Belpaire were among the attendees.

The event included workshops and exhibits. “This lecture showed great versatility to the students, as many architects put forward cultural contexts. It also allowed students to understand the use of local materials. It’s a new experience,” said Kenneth A, a student at the Nitte School of Architecture, Planning, and Design.

The event included other activities, such as flash mobs and book launches.

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