Billerica Memorial High School Receives 2022 AIA Award Architecture

Nearly a decade after the Billerica Memorial High School project was launched and three years after it opened to students and staff, the River Street campus and stadium has received one of the nation’s highest architectural honors.

The 2022 AIA Awards – Architecture were announced by the city on February 16, with local officials sharing their congratulations with the community.

“It is humbling to receive the same award that recognized an invigorating project by the work of architectural icons HH Richardson and Frederick Law Olmsted, the United States Embassy in London and the Century project at the Space Needle in Seattle,” wrote the City Manager John Curran. “We are grateful to our team who made this possible, Perkins and Will, project managers Left Field, Shawmut Construction and the Billerica Memorial High School Building Committee, and especially the people of Billerica for having the foresight and enthusiasm to make it a reality.”

The architects were Perkins & Will, a Chicago-based firm.

They have designed buildings and spaces around the world such as the Suzhou Science and Technology Museum, the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation American Cancer Society, Hope Lodge in Huston, Texas, the Ransom Everglades School, the STEM Building and many more. ‘others.

According to Billerica Public Schools, the feasibility study was $1,258,700 and the design cost as of the January 2021 budget was $13,822,549.

Project contributors

  • Engineer – Mechanical: BALA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • Engineer – Electrical: BALA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • Structural Engineer: Engineers Design Group, Inc.
  • Engineer – Fire Protection: Architectural Engineers, Inc.
  • Engineer – Plumbing: Architectural Engineers, Inc.
  • Engineer – Civil: Nitch Engineering
  • Engineer – Geotechnical: Lahlaf Geotechnical Consulting, Inc.
  • Landscape Architect: Warner Larson Landscape Architects
  • Restoration Consultant: Crabtree McGrath
  • Personal safety: Code Red Consulting
  • Accessibility: Code Red Consulting
  • Acoustics: Acentech
  • Audiovisual: Acentech
  • Specifications: Lund Associates
  • Site survey: Nitsch Engineering
  • Traffic: Nitsch Engineering
  • Environmental permits: Nitsch Engineering
  • Data/Comms Consultant: Edvance Technology Design, Inc.
  • Hazardous materials consultant: Universal Environmental Consultants
  • Theater consultant: Don Soule Theatrical Consulting
  • Lighting consultant: HLB Lighting
  • Hardware Consultant: Campbell-McCabe
  • General Contractor: Shawmut Design and Construction

Continued:Perkins & Will, Billerica Memorial High School

“Like Billerica, [sic] discreetly reinvented itself, the municipality found that its old and dysfunctional high school did not reflect its newfound dynamism. This project was envisioned alongside the community, helping it remodel its largest civic building, stadium and a new identity,” according to the Perkins & Will website. “Billerica’s history as a New England industrial town includes the architectural voice of the school, but the team has ensured that the school’s forward-thinking academic mission remains equally important.”

The firm’s architects said they made natural daylight, “…takes precedence over artificial light in a solution that transcends basic academic lighting requirements. Exterior and interior spaces rely on daylight to capture the rhythms of the academic environment as shadows move throughout the building over the course of the day, semester and year.”

This is also noticeable at the entrance to the school and in the open hall.

“Reflection with Direction: Honoring the Past, Aiming for the Future” was the design slogan for the project and the school has touches of community history, American history and New England history in every aspect of the building.

Joy Mr. Hosford, Senior Multimedia Journalist, Billerica Minuteman

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