Capral acquires EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems

Capral Aluminum announces the acquisition of EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems from Victoria-based aluminum supplier Aluminum Industries of Australia.

This acquisition will see Capral supply selected suites from the EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems range throughout Victoria and eventually other parts of Australia to meet the needs of those who have grown to specify the brand.

“The EDGE brand is very popular with architects and building designers; Aluminum Industries is to be commended for developing such an innovative glazing systems platform, which primarily serves commercial projects,” commented Michael O’Keefe of Capral.

“The EDGE U-MAX thermally broken system offers excellent thermal performance, especially when paired with high performance glass options now available in the Australian market. For Victoria’s specifiers, access to a range of glazing systems, which can deliver good thermal performance results, is essential for code compliance and Capral is pleased to be able to continue to bring this range to the market at a when high performance systems are in greater demand than ever,” he added.

As part of the acquisition, Capral will become the owner of a complete line of EDGE products, including associated equipment and resources. Capral is well placed to continue to offer a range of EDGE suites through its existing distribution network serving window and door manufacturers across Victoria and beyond.

“This is an important acquisition for Capral as we continue to expand our offering to Australian window and door manufacturers across a range of markets,” observed Capral CEO Tony Dragicevich.

“This is a well designed and locally developed range of aluminum glazing systems which is well regarded by the industry, and we are pleased to be able to ensure the stability of its continued supply. We view this strategic acquisition as an opportunity to further strengthen our position as Australia’s leading supplier of aluminum building systems,” he added.

The acquisition takes effect in June and Capral will gradually integrate the EDGE range into its supply network.

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