Commission awards Hutton Construction to design and build new firing range

In a split vote, the Reno County Commission on Tuesday approved the awarding of a design/build contract to Hutton Construction of Wichita to design and oversee the construction of a new Sheriff’s Department shooting range on 20 acres next to Reno County landfill.

Commissioner Ron Sellers, the only one not voting, raised concerns about the cost, which he says has increased dramatically since when the sheriff first proposed that the county build its own field. shot.

Hutton Corporation was one of four companies to submit qualifications for the project, and it was a unanimous recommendation from a committee that reviewed the entries.

In addition to having built similar facilities in Kansas and other states, the company said it could potentially help the county find grants to help cover some of the development costs.

Under the contract, Hutton will receive 6.5% of the estimated project cost for design and an additional 6% for construction services.

According to its proposal, the company expects these costs to be “in the range of $250,000 to $1 million,” meaning its costs could range from $31,250 to $125,000.

Sheriff Darrian Campbell previously offered a cost estimate of $400,000 for the range, which could include space for chemical munitions training, basic handgun and rifle courses, tactical team training and sniper and armored vehicle operations.

The application also includes room for force-on-force, defensive tactics, K9 policing, and drone operations training. It would also have classrooms and possibly a criminal investigation training space.

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Hutton’s fees, the contract says, cover architectural, engineering and construction management services. It includes the drafting of preliminary designs, then schematic design drawings with a layout plan and preliminary construction plans.

The first phase will also include providing a cost estimate and schedule for the completion of the design and construction documents.

The sheriff has $75,000 allocated in his 2023 budget, according to a memo. It provides for a similar amount needed each year until the bonds for the construction of the project are repaid.

This is up from the $15,000 per year the sheriff budgeted for range improvements when the department previously shared a range with the Hutchinson Police Department.

The contract was originally part of Tuesday’s “consent program,” but the sellers asked that it be voted on separately.

“Everyone knows I’m concerned about the money invested in the range project,” Sellers said. “I think a design/build contract is just the start of substantial spending, and I won’t vote for it.”

“I share some of your concerns about the expense involved,” Commissioner Ron Hirst said. “But I also believe that because of the circumstances and the desirability of providing this type of facility, and the ability to assemble it in this location and the need for it, it warrants planning and design functionality at examine, to be able to see what the real cost will be.

“And the real benefits,” he said. “Not only for our sheriff’s department, but it could save travel time and labor time in terms of facility training, as well as an opportunity to bring in other regional departments of the region. I want to be as tight as possible, but I think it’s something that, due to circumstances not caused by the county, needs to continue. The only way we’ll know is if we do the design.

Sheriff said Hutton’s proposal “stands out among all the design-build teams we’ve spoken to in that it’s practical and scalable. We can tailor it to our needs and our budget. This is not something to shoot the moon at. It is an important part of the training facilities.

Sellers said he didn’t disagree with the other commissioners or the sheriff.

“I just remember when the old lineup was disbanded,” Sellers said. “I remember in those meetings we were told that what we would be considering would be very minimal and very inexpensive. I just see it moving into a different realm.

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