Construction workers The theme of Kolkata Durga Puja Pandal

They work during scorching summer, drenched monsoon and cold winter. They are construction workers, who struggle every day to run their household. They can build many lavish houses, but most of them don’t even have proper roofs over their heads.

Keeping all this in mind, Dhakuria Sarbojanin Durgotsab, a prominent club in South Kolkata, has made ‘Sankalpa’ their theme for Durga Puja this time. Their pandal depicts the hard work of thousands of construction workers.

Dhakuria Sarbojanin Durgotsab Kolkata Durga Puja construction workers theme
The pandal look. Photos/News18

The club is committed to supporting construction workers. Speaking to News18, his secretary Soumyadeep Kar said, “Sankalpa means a vow or a resolution. These people who work against all odds to keep our dreams afloat vow not to give up until their work is done. This continues without interruption or peace in their lives. We intend to reverse the role. This time we vow not to give up until we bind them to the social structure we find ourselves in with equal rights.

The theme of the puja is an ode to dream makers, those who are deprived in the society we live in, the club says. Through the theme, they portrayed the livelihoods of construction workers and how, at the end of a grueling day’s work, they worship the goddess like everyone else, but in their own way.

“Ever since mankind has progressed in architectural brilliance, the people who shape our dreams in the form of houses/houses or offices have always been the pivot by sacrificing their own happiness, needs or sometimes their lives. They are our dream makers. We depend on construction workers or day laborers to realize our dreams. But the awareness has come to us and the question arises what about them? Do they enjoy it so much during Durga pujas? Do they have appropriate days off? Can they afford new clothes for their children or rather do they get naked respect. Some of them are named ‘Mahadev’, ‘Parvati’, ‘Lakshmi’, ‘Kartik’ or ‘Ganesh’; they are human, the gods reside in them too! said the club committee.

The club also made a film, “Sankalpo”, depicting the life of construction workers, and launched a campaign for them.

After the puja, the club plans to connect with construction workers in Dhakuria and other areas and help them with the things they need in their lives.

“Going forward, we intend to grow the ties through year-round events involving them before diving into next year’s sharadotsav,” Kar said.

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