David Muniz Supple announces the release of his new book, “The African Roots of Classical Architecture”, on World Architecture Day (October 3)

To celebrate World Architecture Day, David Muniz Supple announces the 1st week of November release date for a groundbreaking new book bringing to light previously hidden truths – The African Roots of Classical Architecture.

Trained in architectural studies at a prestigious university, David Muniz Supple received a traditional western education in classical architecture, as is done in any typical Ivy League school: Africa built the pyramids and Greeks were largely responsible for all other aesthetic and practical aspects. elements found in today’s built environment. It’s history.

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David was first struck by a compelling African visual of the tomb of female pharaoh Hatshepsut with a full colonnade – dating back 1,000 years before the advent of ‘classical’ architecture.

Unlike an academic text, Muniz Supple does not tell you what to believe or affirm a dogmatic truth but rather takes the reader through a compelling visual narrative with many original photographs taken by its creative team in Africa. North. This eye-opening journey is the beginning of a subject David explores in his forthcoming book, Restoring Africa’s Legacy of Creation. The purpose of this series is to bring to light hidden truths in the field of architecture, thus opening the door to new discoveries while inspiring creativity and unity in the world. The goal is to lay the groundwork for truth and fully recognize one of the greatest architectural legacies of this land.

Author David Muniz Supple said, “This is my first book. It is the result of years of direct research and a genuine passion on my part to discover and understand the truth behind the development of the built environment. It’s not the book I originally intended to write – that’s what I found when looking at it. The result is meaningful work that I sincerely hope will inspire and help others. It is a love letter to the universal power that is architecture and a direct tribute to Africa’s creative heritage. It is the result of personal research and a desire to observe and see, far from any preconceived idea. Many smart and wonderful people provided invaluable help, experience and information – I am so grateful to them. Advance copies of the pre-release eBook will be available for free on Monday, October 3, World Architecture Day.

Contact information/how to obtain copies in advance: Please contact [email protected] if you would like to request an advance copy of “The African Roots of Classical Architecture”


David Muniz Supple Bio/Background: David Muniz Supple is an author, humanitarian, founder and CEO. A graduate of Tufts Architecture, David leads New England Design & Construction, one of Boston’s largest creative luxury architectural design firms, specializing in the design and construction of sustainable homes. Winner of the 2022 Best of Boston for Architectural Design Building as well as the Top 50 Modern Luxury in Design, NEDC has served clients across Boston and Metrowest since 2005. NEDC also invests heavily in community service and works closely with GCode House and Room to Dream Foundation to change the lives of young people across Boston.

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