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Project Manager’s Assistant

The position of assistant project manager requires the theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge and also requires obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture with three to five years of experience.

Job Duties and Specialized Knowledge

The position requires specialist knowledge of how to plan, prepare and render architectural drawings and experience in the entire design and construction process. The candidate must prepare architectural drawings for various types of projects, including residential, commercial, healthcare office projects and for mixed-use buildings. The candidate will also assist other junior designers in the development and implementation of projects as well as in the process of dealing with different agencies; conduct on-site inspections; and assist the Senior Project Manager and Architects with client presentations.

Candidate character

We are looking for motivated, bright and responsible people with:
· Strong communication skills
· Have a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in architecture
· Detail oriented and organized
· Ability to work independently
· Ability to complete tasks under tight deadlines
· Collaborative skills and the ability to work well with the team

Please send your resume, examples of your work and a cover letter with salary requirements. [email protected]

By email: [email protected]

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