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Developers are closing in on a construction start date on Osceola County’s Green Island Ranch in early 2023 as plans for the first 847 homes are refined.

The Development Review Board and county planning commission this week approved the preliminary plan of subdivision (PS) for Phase 1, and the matter will go before the County Board of Commissioners on October 17.

Saint Cloud Gentry Land Company and Wheelock Street Capital bought the 6,000-acre ranch last December for $150 million and later filed a concept plan for the area east of Florida’s Turnpike. These four sections, known as Canoe Creek Neighborhoods 1-4, would include 2,321 single-family homes, 622 multi-family homes, a K-8 school and 106,000 square feet of commercial space.

The approved concept plan for Canoe Creek N3 called for 770 detached single-family homes and 106 townhouses, as well as a neighborhood center with up to 21,000 square feet of non-residential uses.

The more detailed PS changes the design by slightly decreasing the total number of units from the original 872, but doubling the number of townhouses from 106 to 213. All townhouses will be 22 feet wide and will be rear-loaded, as per county expectation. architectural standards.

The plan shows six types of housing products that will be built in the neighborhood. In addition to townhouses, the PS includes rear-loading detached homes on three lot sizes. It presents 106 lots of 40 feet, 47 lots of 50 feet and 40 lots of 55 feet. The conventional front-loading homes will be available in three lot sizes ranging from 45 feet (123 lots), 50 feet (150 lots) and 60 feet (168 lots).

Matt Call, project manager for Wheelock Communities, said the team is well advanced in its engineering for Phase 1 and will submit site development plans soon after PS approval with a view to starting construction in April or May 2023. The project will be divided into five or six sub-phases at the PDS stage. Later this year, the development team will unveil a new name for the community east of Turnpike in Florida.

One of the conditions for PS approval on October 17 will be the developer’s willingness to sign an agreement to participate in a county-initiated transportation study for the East Lake Toho and South Lake Toho mixed-use districts and to comply with its recommendations. The county engaged HNTB to work with developers and help develop a regional approach to managing transportation improvements in the fast-growing area.

An ordinance establishing the Green Island Ranch East Community Development District will also be on the agenda for October 17. Developers anticipate that it will take $253 million to install infrastructure for the four Canoe Creek neighborhoods. This includes $48.3 million for roads and $54.5 million for stormwater. The estimated cost of installing water and sewer services is over $42 million. The reclaimed water service would add another $16 million.

Call said it was too early to announce home builders for the community. “We don’t make these announcements until they close,” he said.

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