Enrollment at Greater Dayton School, construction in progress

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A new private school for low-income families in Dayton is now accepting applications.

The Greater Dayton School is Ohio’s first non-religious private elementary school exclusively dedicated to disadvantaged students.

The school is scheduled to open on August 1, 2022 and will accommodate 100 students from kindergarten to grade three in its first year in a temporary location.

The school aims to serve underfunded students living in every corner of the Greater Dayton community, according to a June 8 statement.

Applications are currently being accepted on line.

“He has real transformational potential,” said founding director AJ Stich. “We have the opportunity to do things differently. The end product is a super innovative model, individualizing each child’s educational experience, and it will have an incredible impact. »

The Greater Dayton School estimates that it invests $300,000 in each child’s education over 10 years, nearly three times the national average.

“We have a core of teachers and staff who are all there,” Stich said. “Their goal is to serve children from low-income backgrounds; it is a call for them. Some people just have this feeling of calling to this work, and it’s been powerful to see.

The groundbreaking model aims to educate and provide instruction tailored to each student and comprehensive clinical services, enabling children to learn and grow to their full potential.

“A lot of schools say they try to educate the whole child. But the sad reality is that they are mandated to only teach math, science and English,” Stich said. there is a whole group of teachers who want to educate the whole child, and we are very fortunate to be able to serve in this way.”

Construction of the Greater Dayton School’s state-of-the-art campus began in Deeds Point earlier this year. The $45 million facility, designed by architectural firm Moody Nolan, will be located on 10 acres across from RiverScape Metro Park.

Information on admission requirements is available at Greaterdaytonschool.org.

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