GoodWe launches a new range of roof-integrated solar photovoltaic panels

GoodWe is launching a new range of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solar panels on the UK market.

The new range of panels are designed to blend seamlessly with a building’s existing architecture and aesthetics and are available in three variants designed for specific applications.

The Sunshine Series is an easy to install 92W panel offering 170W per square meter making it ideal for residences, hotels, communities and public buildings. Aesthetically, the Sunshine Series is compatible with traditional roofing tiles replicating their visual appeal, color and shape to allow the panel to blend seamlessly into the roofing structure.

The Sunshine Series has a reinforced double glazed structure that is self-cleaning with a Class A fire rating and able to withstand hurricane force winds. It is also equipped with ventilation and heat dissipation structure, as well as dense drainage technology.

The Polaris Series is a lightweight 3000W panel with a modular design engineered for quick and easy installation that can be used in a variety of applications including carports and flat to pitched roof conversions. The reinforced double glazing has excellent impact resistance and can generate 184W per square meter. Like the Sunshine series, it is able to withstand hurricane force winds.

Starlux zero carbon conservatory panels can be used on conservatory and conservatory structures to achieve a balance between health, comfort and energy savings, with the panels providing both shade for the conservatory and a power generation capacity. The Starlux is an ultra-slim modular design using a 50mm frame that can be removed and redeployed to alternate structures.

The new BIPV range is part of GoodWe’s EcoSmart Home solution which uses three key components – BIPV panels, battery technology with EV charger and smart energy management system – to build a smart power ecosystem designed to meet all household electricity needs.

Eugene Lucarelli, Strategic Marketing Director at GoodWe UK, said of the new range: “The BIPV panel range enables GoodWe to offer a complete solar PV solution – panels, inverter, battery and smart management – ​​from a sole supplier. For the homeowner, building owner and installer, there is peace of mind that all components are designed to work together seamlessly, creating a total EcoSmart Home solution.

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