Graham Foundation Announces $338,000 in Grants to Organizations that Advance Ideas in Architecture and Design | New


Aerial view, Pamplona Encounters, Pamplona, ​​1972. Copyright José Miguel de Prada Poole. Courtesy of the author. From the 2022 Graham Foundation grant to MAS Context for the publication MAS Context 34: AIR

The Graham Foundation has announced its annual list of organizational grants comprising a total of 36 recipients from around the world whose work furthers institutional goals to support the development and exchange of ideas about architecture and design.

This year’s class included projects from various organizations located in Buenos Aires, Colombo, London, New York, St. Louis, Toronto, Chicago and elsewhere. Podcasts from the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation and the Society of Architectural Historians’ Race and Architectural History Affiliate Group have been honored, as well as public presentations, exhibitions and publications like Lucy Sante’s captivating. Nineteen tanks and the next Cornelia Hahn Oberlander on educational playgrounds of Concordia University Press.

New organizations such as Lesley Lokko’s African Futures Institute (the publishers of FOLIO), the Lower East Side’s a83 gallery and Buenos Aires’ Disponible gallery were also included in a total allocation of $338,000. The Graham Foundation shares that it has now awarded some $42 million to individuals and organizations since its inception in 1956, adding that the majority of recipients of this year’s promotion were founded within the past 15 years or less. In a press release, they said, “This continues the Graham Foundation’s commitment to supporting emerging organizations that take risks to engage new ideas and new audiences.”

Below are the recipients of the 2022 grants:

Geoffrey Bawa, Yala Sand Dune Scheme, Elevation, 1968. Ink on paper. Drawing by Nihal Amarasinghe (attributed). Courtesy of Geoffrey Bawa Trust. From the 2022 Graham Foundation grant to the Geoffrey Bawa Trust for the publication Drawing from the Geoffrey Bawa Archives


  • a83 (New York, NY) – Creating Architectural Images in 1980s New York: The John Nichols Printmakers & Publishers Collection
  • Anywhere Corporation (New York, NY) – Model Behavior
  • Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois) – Himali Singh Care: static range
  • The Arts Club of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois) – Rathin Barman: Unstable Structures
  • Land Use Interpretation Center (Culver City, CA) – Harper’s Ferry: An Interpretation Epicenter

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, Sketch Plan for North Shore Neighborhood House Playground, Vancouver, British Columbia. 1968. Drawing in ink with graphite on translucent paper, 54 × 62 cm. Courtesy of the Cornelia Hahn Oberlander fonds, Canadian Center for Architecture (CCA) collection. ARCH401910. Gift of Cornelia Hahn Oberlander. Photo: CAC. From the 2022 Graham Foundation Fellowship at Concordia University Press for the publication Cornelia Hahn Oberlander on Pedagogical Playgrounds
  • Counterpublic (St. Louis, MO) – Counterpublic 2023
  • Available (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – Making Architecture Available Program 2022-23
  • LIGA — Space for Architecture (Mexico City, Mexico) – Architecture for Gods
  • MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House (West Hollywood, CA) – Seeking Zohn
  • Museum of Design Atlanta (Atlanta, GA) – Near the Edge: The Birth of Hip-Hop Architecture

Floating Museum, concept sketch for “Floating Monuments: Apartments of Mecca”, 2022. Courtesy of the Floating Museum. From the 2022 Graham Foundation Grant to the Floating Museum for the exhibition Floating Monuments: Mecca Flats
  • Queens Museum (Queens, NY) – Charisse Pearlina Weston: from [a] tomorrow: lighter than air, stronger than whisky, cheaper than dust
  • Ragdale Foundation (Lake Forest, Illinois) – Echo, 10th Anniversary Ragdale Ring: Reconnecting to Our Roots
  • Storefront for Art and Architecture (New York, NY) – Floor
  • Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus, OH) – Sharing Circles: Carol Newhouse and the WomanShare Collective
  • Floating Museum (Chicago, IL) – Floating Monuments: Mecca Flats

Ronald (“Ron”) Edward Galella, “Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Protests at World’s Fair, Opening Day”, 1964 (printed 1994). Vintage gelatin silver print. Courtesy of the Queens Museum. From the 2022 Graham Foundation grant to the Queens Museum for the exhibition of Charisse Pearlina Weston: [a] tomorrow: lighter than air, stronger than whisky, cheaper than dust.


Center for Land Use Interpretation, Clingmans Dome overlooks Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina, 2006. Courtesy Center for Land Use Interpretation. Photo: Land Use Planning Interpretation Centre. From the 2022 Graham Foundation grant to the Center for Land Use Interpretation for the exhibition Harpers Ferry: An Interpretive Epicenter


  • Association of Architecture Organizations (Chicago, IL) – Design Matters Conference 2022
  • Mobile Makers Chicago (Chicago, IL) – Interdisciplinary and Intergenerational Design Summit

Makola Market, 2022, Accra. Photo: Festus Jackson-Davis. From the 2022 Graham Foundation grant to the African Futures Institute for the publication FOLIO: Journal of Contemporary African Architecture, Volume 3: 19.8


  • African Futures Institute (Accra, Ghana) – FOLIO: Journal of Contemporary African Architecture, Volume 3: 19.8
  • Support (Toronto, ON) – Support [On Sharing]
  • California College of the Arts—Architecture Division (San Francisco, CA) – Review Design Book Review
  • Concordia University Press (Montreal, QC) – Cornelia Hahn Oberlander on educational playgrounds
  • The Experiment (New York, NY) – Nineteen Reservoirs: On Their Creation and the Promise of Water for New York City Written by Author Lucy Sante

Carol Newhouse, scrapbook page, 1974. Mixed media. Courtesy of the artist. From the 2022 Graham Foundation Fellowship at the Wexner Center for the Arts for the exhibition Sharing Circles: Carol Newhouse and the WomanShare Collective
  • Faktur (University Park, Pennsylvania) – Faktur: Documents and Architecture, Issues 4 and 5
  • Geoffrey Bawa Trust (Colombo, Sri Lanka) – From the archives of Geoffrey Bawa
  • Goldsmiths College, London University—Centre for Research Architecture (London, UK) – Research Architecture: Provocations, Practices, and Propositions
  • Manifest Institute of the Americas (New York, NY) – Manifest: A Journal of the Americas, issues 4–5
  • MAS Context (Chicago, IL) – MAS 34 Context: AIR
  • New York Architecture Review (New York NY) – New York Architecture Review, 2022

Onnis Luque, Heroico Colegio Militar, Mexico, 2022. Courtesy LIGA—Space for Architecture. From the 2022 grant from the Graham Foundation to LIGA—Space for Architecture for the exhibition Arquitectura Para Dioses (Architecture for Gods)


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