Huntridge Theater owner aims to breathe new life into the venue next year

Las Vegas developer J Dapper aims to begin construction next year on the long-closed Huntridge Theater and estimates it could cost more than $22 million to redevelop the WWII venue .

Dapper, founder of Dapper Companies, gave a status report Wednesday to the Las Vegas Historic Preservation Commission, saying he interviewed architectural firms and signed a long-term lease with New York’s SoHo Playhouse theater operator.

He said the theatre, at the corner of Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway, was in “pretty bad shape” when he bought it and his team spent several months cleaning it up and patching the holes in it. the building “to make sure no one enters it”. theater.”

Dapper also said he was about to start submitting project plans for the site.

As described in a presentation of his company, he aims to start construction in September 2023.

In a telephone interview with the Review-Journal later on Wednesday, Dapper said he expects two leases for restaurant outlets to be signed by the end of the year, which he is seeking to secure. public funding for the project and that he intends to add approximately 20,000 square feet to the Huntridge for two small theaters.

Dapper, who took possession of the property last year, also estimated it would cost between $18 million and $22 million to redevelop the Huntridge.

He wants to reopen a once-popular venue that closed nearly 20 years ago, saw multiple attempts to relaunch come and go over the years and fell into disrepair.

Built in 1944, the Huntridge has shown films for decades and was a top concert venue in the 1990s. The Mizrachi family acquired it in 2002 and closed it for renovations in 2004, but with the escalating construction costs, owner Eli Mizrachi said the following year that he and the building were in “limbo”.

Efforts have been launched to reopen the site. In 2007, a bill in the Nevada Assembly proposed to spend $8.5 million to buy and restore the Huntridge as a cultural and performing arts center, and in 2013 three businessmen from the center -ville banded together to try to buy and renovate the theater.

The Las Vegas City Council finally approved a plan in 2019 to help facilitate a sale to Dapper, which completed its $4 million purchase of the Huntridge in March 2021.

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