KTR’s Analogy of Architecture and Politics

Minister of IT, Industries and Urban Development, KT Rama Rao, on Saturday told an interesting analogy about architecture and politics in his inaugural speech at the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) National Conference. Mr. Rao said that a friend of his, among the architects attending the conference, said that there are only two types of people in the world – artists and scientists and that architecture is the where art meets science. However, the minister said he disagreed with his friend, saying that there is another category of architects, not literally, because they are the ones who build society in different fields. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is the architect of Telangana, which is on the path of progress with a unique ‘architecture’ where biology meets technology and data science marries life science and where cultural renaissance has been in progress since the first day of accession to the state.

Old habits die hard

That old habits die hard was proven by rebel TRS turned BJP MP Eatala Rajender at Amit Shah’s town hall meeting in Tukkuguda.

While launching a scathing attack on Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and his efforts to suppress the people, Mr. Rajender, who was once a leftist, used the popular slogan of leftist student unions – Arachetini addupetti suryakantini aapaleru (You can’t stop sunlight with your palm). However, he conveniently got the BJP angle saying you can’t stop the BJP from rising in Telangana.

But delivering the popular slogan embedded in leftist ideology from the saffron platform was quite fun.

Raise political pressure

Comments by Union Home Secretary Amit Shah on ‘corruption in high places’ have led to political heat rising in the state, ruling party leaders as well as the Congress of the opposition raising protests about them.

TRS MLC leaders Kalvakuntla Kavita, Ministers KT Rama Rao and T. Harish Rao launched a virulent attack on Mr. Shah by asking several questions about how the central government has inflicted injustice in Telangana. TPCC Chairman A. Revanth Reddy claimed the claims were for publicity and that the Center took a flippant approach when it came to acting on corruption charges. The tacit understanding between the two parties – the TRS and the BJP – has resulted in the Centre’s inaction in the face of corruption charges against the government.

Beyond the political rhetoric, Mr. Amit Shah’s mention of early polls has certainly fueled speculation in political circles about what the course of the TRS will be in the coming days.

B. Chandrashekhar, R. Ravikanth Reddy and M. Rajeev

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