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Matthew Avard, a 38-year-old architect with CWG Architecture + Interiors, designs some of the community’s most critical infrastructure.

When East Helena needed to expand its school district more than four years ago, it turned to Avard to design Prickly Pear Elementary.

“It’s very rewarding and unlike any other job you work in and no one will ever see it again. These projects go on for decades,” he said. “It’s gratifying to see this stuff and to know that you were a part of it.”

He called the school projects “the most rewarding”, knowing that they will serve to improve future generations, which the father of two particularly appreciates.

Southern Lewis and Clark County is Avard’s adoptive home.

In his home state of North Dakota, Avard frequently worked 70 hours a week for his company Fargo.

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“I wanted to have a quieter lifestyle than Fargo,” he said.

He and his wife took a trip to Helena and dropped off resumes. In 2015, he received a job offer from CWG and moved the family out west.

“I always wanted to be closer to the mountains,” he said.

Soon after, Avard began to have a positive impact on her new home.

He thanked the entire CWG staff for helping his family transition to a new home and job.

CWG Chairman Tony Perpignano, in particular, has been a mentor to Avard, he said.

“He helped me a lot before I even knew him. He made the last visit to our house,” Avard said, noting that’s exactly the kind of guy Perpignano is. “You can go to him for anything, and he will help you.”

Avard said it was “exciting to be recognized” for his contributions to his new community.

“I met a lot of great people who I hope to continue working with and help the Helena community continue to grow,” he said.

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