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Jared Mensing officially launched his business in October 2021. Starting with a compact loader, his company now has two excavators as well as a smaller excavator, two dump trucks and various other construction equipment. Mensing is shown, above, in his office in a building he recently purchased.

“Just Do It” is perhaps the slogan most associated with a famous shoe company, but it’s also the advice Jared Mensing received from his father, Neal, when young Mensing was considering starting a construction company. .

Although Jared now owns Mensing Construction, it’s not the path he envisioned when he graduated from Blue Earth Area High School in 2016. In fact, it took many years to become an owner. his own company.

“After graduating from BEA, I went to agricultural production school,” Mensing actions. “I found out that I really didn’t like school so I took a year off.”

When Mensing states that he took a year off, he is referring to a school break.

“I’ve worked for Tim Blagg and helped do demonstrations and clean up buildings,” he explains.

When he returned to school, Mensing studied architecture.

“I ended up doing an internship with a custom home builder in Mankato,” Mensing said. “I worked in the office drawing and designing and discovered that I really didn’t like being behind a desk.”

He decided to trade his office job for a chance to work on the construction site framing houses, carpentry work and installing windows.

The next step in his journey was to find a job at Holtmeier Construction.

Based in Mankato, Mensing notes that Holtmeier is a heavy construction contractor who has a solid reputation for the work he does and the way he does it.

“Joe (Holtmeier) was good to work for,”

False comments. “He reminds his employees to be considerate and realize that they are inconveniencing people when they have to dig their yard during street construction, so be sure to be understanding, polite and respectful.”

Working for Holtmeier brought Mensing back to his hometown for a time.

“I was a pipelayer for the Sailor Street project in Blue Earth a few years ago,” he notes.

Mensing worked for Holtmeier until October 2021, then went out on his own.

“I started with a skid steer loader doing side jobs on the weekends,” he says.

However, its activity has developed a little since last October.

Its fleet of construction equipment now consists of two full-size excavators, a mini-excavator, a bulldozer, two dump trucks, two skid steer loaders and a low-bed semi-trailer to transport its large pieces of machinery. Mensing is also equipped with various other equipment, such as packers that he needs to perform the job he was hired to do.

His company is based in Blue Earth.

“I bought the old John Deere building, where Detke-Morbac was, from Bob Weerts”, Mensing explains. “Although the majority of my jobs have been in the Mankato area, it was difficult to find an available building. If you found one, the purchase cost was considerably higher than buildings far from the Mankato area.

Originally, he worked on equipment in his father’s workshop on the farm.

“With the size of my equipment and the farm equipment, things got crowded very quickly,” he remarks. “The building I bought is solid and in very good condition. There is room. »

In fact, it has enough space for Mensing to consider renting part of the building for storage.

“I’m thinking about it.” he mentioned. “It doesn’t seem too difficult to separate a space at the east end of the building to make things work.”

Mensing says he began moving into the building on Feb. 1, but the closing didn’t happen until April 15.

Buying the building not only provided Mensing with a place to work and maintain his equipment, but he also came with ready-made offices.

“Even though I’d like to spend all my time working in the excavator, I still need to take the time to do the office work,” he comments.

Mensing, who is single, says sometimes those office hours don’t come until late in the evening, long after the machines have been turned off for the day.

“You do what you have to do” he notes.

Mensing Construction has four employees in addition to the owner.

“My father will also help sometimes,” Mensing adds. “I also try to help him on the farm, but I couldn’t help him much last spring.”

One of the main reasons Mensing couldn’t help his dad is because he’s busy running his own business.

“My goal was to get into all three types of work – private, commercial and public,” he explains. “I want to be diversified, so if, for example, the market for new home construction dries up, I still have commercial and public works to sustain me.”

The private work he does involves digging basements for new homes as well as laying sewer and water lines and performing other site preparation tasks.

“On the commercial side, we have done the work to prepare the sites for the new Scooter’s cafes in Mankato and Albert Lea,” he says. “On the public side, we will be laying over 10,000 feet of a large main tile line for Martin and Faribault County.”

Mensing splits his employees into two teams and says he might have to consider hiring a secretary at some point to help him keep up.

“I want to plan for steady growth, but I don’t want to push myself,” he warns. “I still do odd jobs, mostly for the people who got me started.”

While other companies struggle to find ready-to-work employees, this has not been the case for Mensing.

“We live in a rural area and these children know how to work”, he shares. “It gets harder to find people willing to work the closer you get to Mankato and the towns.”

He explains that he strives to be a better employer.

“Holtmeier works very efficiently,” Mensing said. “I try to teach our employees to operate in the same way and I think I have improved.”

He has a new business, has had to deal with huge increases in fuel prices, and has to learn how to manage not only his business, but also the people who work for him.

But he relishes the challenge and tries to improve every day while remembering another piece of advice his father gave him.

“Dad always told me you can do whatever you want if you’re willing to work for it” Mensing said. “That’s what I try to do.”

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