Michael Graves Architecture acquires Jose Carballo Architectural Group

Michael Graves Architecture (MG), an award-winning global leader in planning, architecture and interior design based in Princeton, NJ, announces the acquisition of Jose Carballo Architectural Group (JCAG), an architectural firm based in New Jersey.

Following the acquisition of Maryland-based planning, architecture and interior design firm Waldon Studio Architects (WSA) earlier this year, this new acquisition is a key part of a strategic growth plan to long term for MG.

The acquisition of JCAG will add the company’s distinct strengths to this already strong foundation and continue to cultivate shared knowledge across all areas of design, further revitalizing the enduring legacy of creativity and innovation of the late Michael Graves.

“When evaluating this acquisition, we knew that our two companies would work well together. We were already collaborating with Jose on three projects, and our teams demonstrated our shared core values ​​by operating as one team to serve our client,” explained Joe Furey, President and CEO of MG. “Our teams complement each other not only in terms of design approach and in-depth knowledge of the market sector, but also through our shared values, particularly regarding our dedication to innovation, our commitment to quality and our unwavering customer service.”

This powerful combination of brand recognition, aligned values ​​and deep relationships is part of pursuing an exciting new chapter for MG that simultaneously honors the company’s established heritage.

Michael Graves, a renowned architect who passed away in 2015, left behind a committed and talented team and an incredible legacy of innovation and design genius within the company. This latest acquisition will allow the company to continue to strengthen its expertise, particularly in the multi-family residential sector.

Under the new corporate structure, JCAG founder and director Jose Carballo will serve as director, as well as head of the company’s multi-family business in the tri-state area. Additionally, JCAG employees will be thoughtfully integrated into the company’s organizational makeup in key roles. Joe Furey will oversee the ongoing integration and pursuit of future acquisition strategy as part of MG’s forward-looking strategic plan.

Regarding this strategy, Furey notes: “The future of our business is not corporate bureaucracy. We will grow the business and in doing so, maintain the boutique vibe our customers are accustomed to as we integrate businesses and continue to provide creative solutions and extraordinary customer service. This plan will continue to build the depth and diversity of the company’s expertise, expand its physical presence in leading cities across the United States, and ensure the continuation of its founder’s legacy for next 50 years and beyond.

JCAG is already well known in the tri-state area and is recognized for its multi-family residential developments. Jose Carballo said, “I anticipate significant growth as we join Michael Graves, enabling a bright future for my talented team, in the same way that Michael Graves paved the way for the continued success of his business.

At JCAG, we pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships and delivering high quality work to our clients, many of whom are repeat customers. When we met Michael Graves’ team, we felt an immediate sense of mutual respect and were impressed with MG’s culture of thoughtfulness and collaboration. We are excited to work together to grow the Michael Graves brand and provide new and existing customers with excellent service and innovative design solutions.

For more than 50 years, MG has been providing customers around the world with pioneering and humanistic solutions in architecture, product design, interior design, master planning, graphic design and branding in many market sectors, including hospitality, civic, education, workplace and residential. .

Recent projects include the St. Regis Hotel in Cairo, Egypt; a headquarters of a Fortune 100 company at the Midtown Center in Washington, DC; The Loutrel Hotel in Charleston, SC, and David Burke’s 1776 with Topgolf Swing Suites in Morristown, NJ. Notable recent multi-family JCAG projects include the Three60 in Hackensack, NJ; Iridium in Hackensack, NJ; as well as several other residential projects in the tri-state area.

About Michael Graves Architecture
Founded in 1964 by AIA Gold Medalist Michael Graves, Michael Graves Architecture (MG) has a unique multidisciplinary practice that delivers strategic benefits to clients around the world. MG’s work is the result of a continuous effort to learn and listen to its customers. and aiming to provide the highest level of service possible. The company’s clients range from Fortune 100 companies and global manufacturers to start-ups, from government to cultural, educational and healthcare institutions, and from real estate developers and retailers to homeowners and consumers. MG has one of the world’s leading design practices, offering services in architecture, product design, interior design, master plan, graphic design. and branding, and supports client success with design strategy advice, feasibility studies and research. For more information, visit www.michaelgraves.com.

About Jose Carballo Architectural Group
Jose Carballo Architectural Group has been serving its clients since its inception in 2003. Its main focus is on long-lasting client relationships leading to quality design, quality documentation and the use of the latest construction technologies to produce positive building experiences for its occupants. Recognized as one of the leading multi-family residential architects in the tri-state area and beyond, JCAG has completed projects in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and the Dominican Republic. JCAG has also expanded its services to include hospitality and institutional work, including hotels, restaurants, and daycare centers for adults and children. JCAG welcomes this new venture so they can tap into our past and develop their future under the Michael Graves Architecture brand.

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