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Following last week’s review of a Dean of Architecture position at the Cooper Union, we are pursuing an academic theme within our Job Highlights series this week to explore an open role on Archinect Jobs for the head of Penn State’s architecture department.

According to the listing, the role would support the department’s mission to provide “an educational environment that encourages cross-fertilization of knowledge from all arts and sciences, where students and teachers are motivated to participate in the most pressing contemporary social, cultural events.” . , and environmental issues.

To qualify for the position, applicants must have a range of teaching experience as well as “experience and knowledge of higher education issues and collaborative multi-disciplinary experience”. PhD holders are “strongly encouraged” to apply for the position, which requires a minimum degree in architecture or a related discipline.

Archinect Feature: Equity in Architectural Academia: A Conversation with Cory Henry. Henry is a former Visiting Assistant Professor of Architecture at Penn State University

Why the role interests us

Similar to last week’s spotlight on the Cooper Union’s search for a Dean of Architecture, Penn State’s role offers insight into how the institution sees its culture and principles evolve in the years to come. .

In the case of Penn State, the job posting on Archinect Jobs sets out a vision for a department that “embraces individual identities, fosters a culture of inclusion, and promotes equity through programs, values, standards , ideals, policies and practices”. In 2021, that same focus on equity and inclusion saw Penn State appoint Folayemi “Fo” Wilson as the school of architecture’s first associate dean for access and equity.

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The job listing also articulates a mission to build an academic program that equips students to meet environmental challenges; echoing Penn State’s previous developments on our editorial. Earlier this year, a multidisciplinary team led by the university’s School of Architecture announced they would undertake research into embodied carbon in cities, while in 2021 a professor of architectural engineering from the school has been recognized by the United Nations for its work in sustainable buildings.

A commitment to addressing environmental challenges has also trickled down to Penn State’s student body, with the AIA awarding a 2022 Upjohn Research Initiative grant to doctoral students at the school for their investigation of how biodegradable structures could be constructed from local mushroom species. Biodegradable mushrooms were also the focus of Penn State’s participation in a biomaterials structure exhibit on the University of Virginia campus in April of this year.

Meanwhile, the 2021 edition of the Upjohn Grant saw a PhD team from Penn State included for their research on climate-responsive building envelopes.

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Further Reading for Interested Applicants

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