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Construction Résidence Privée is looking for partners.

Experienced business developers and others capable of leading regional teams of project managers and project superintendents.

As a Business Development Partner at PRC, you will lead in building and maintaining relationships with our counterparts in the architecture, engineering and design community. Your critical role is to deliver new projects into the PRC’s preconstruction pipeline and then continue to work closely with two other regional partners to guide these projects through their preconstruction phase through to groundbreaking. work at the start of their construction.

As an Operations Officer / Project Management Partner at PRC, your critical role is to lead and oversee the efforts of PRC’s regional teams of Project Managers and Project Management Assistants, to guide these teams project management throughout PRC’s thoughtful pre-construction and construction process. As Director of these operations, you are also responsible for working directly with the PRC teams of external consultants, including legal, risk management, accounting, technology and human relations departments.

As an Operations Officer / Project Oversight Partner at PRC, your critical role is to lead and oversee the efforts of PRC’s Regional Project Superintendent Teams, guide these Project Oversight Teams through simple of PRC for the realization of its high-rise residential construction projects. As Director of these Operations, along with your teams of Project Superintendents, you will also work with PRC’s family of specialty contractors, building and maintaining these critical relationships with specialty contractors.

The expected compensation package for each of these Regional Partner positions in PRC – CBD Business Development, COO Project Management and COO Project Oversight, is approximately $1,000,000 including benefits – profit sharing, health insurance , vehicle, vacation and more. These are also shared equity positions in the company PRC. Interested? Let’s start a conversation. [email protected]

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