Short talks: architecture for everyone

Mark Jackson

Marlon Blackwell

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This month’s podcast features Marlon Blackwell, Professor Emeritus and E. Fay Jones Chair in Architecture. Blackwell discusses his design philosophy and what it meant to receive the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal, following in the footsteps of his friend and mentor Fay Jones.

“To me, this confirms the validity of what we have been trying to do here for 30 years, which is to demonstrate this architecture… The highest aspirations can occur anywhere, on any scale, at any budget and for anyone – that architecture is for everyone and not just the few,” he said.

Blackwell says he likes to hear his customers’ stories and not just a long list of what they need.

“I think it’s really important to understand their aspirations,” he said. “They tend to be mostly optimistic and hopeful. We like to try to channel that into work, and I think people feel that, that maybe that’s where some of the joy comes from. “

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