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ROSWELL, Ga. — Southern Post, one of Roswell’s most anticipated developments, is making progress.

Development manager Aimee Adams of Armada Hoffler Properties said work on the site began in January. The 6-acre mixed-use development sits within the former Southern Skillet property on Alpharetta Street.

In late July, Adams said Armada Hoffler was about 80% complete with site work and utilities. They also have almost all necessary building permits for parking, apartments and two office buildings. Adams said vertical construction should begin the first or second week of August.

“It’s a really cool development for the area,” Adams said. “There will be lots of walking and lots of connectivity to the rest of downtown Roswell. We have some great restaurants lined up and others we are negotiating with at the moment to really add to this “fine dining haven” that is Roswell.

While Belux Coffee, Azotea Cantina, DaVinci Donuts, and Silla Del Torro are still on track to open in development, Ponko Chicken has dropped out. Adams says it’s okay.

“We actually have a different idea for this space now that we’re a little more excited,” Adams said. “We are negotiating with three other tenants at this stage, so we have these [Letters of Intent] signed, but we cannot announce them yet. We hope that these leases will be signed in the coming months.

The project will include 128 luxury apartments, nine townhouses, 95,000 square feet of creative loft office space, 40,000 square feet of retail space and 600 parking spaces with a parking deck. It is expected to open in the summer of 2023 and cost around $110 million.

Adams said apartments are expected to start pre-letting in mid-2023, meeting the growing need for more apartments.

“People are really clamoring to be able to live in Roswell, and businesses are really wanting to try and move to these out-of-market areas of Atlanta to reduce travel for their tenants,” Adams said. “We think we kind of fit a niche that Roswell really needs right now and we’re thrilled the community is as excited about the development as we are.”

In November, when Armada Hoffler announced construction was set to resume after being inactive for four years, she said the project was intended to honor Roswell’s historic charm and serve as a gathering place for residents. . The architecture will incorporate elements that have been used throughout historic Roswell with modern components.

However, Adams said they had to make changes to those plans.

“We’re all sort of facing the same issues within the industry right now,” Adams said. “In particular, the product not being available in the quantity we need. … But we do not reduce the quality in any way.

Southern Post is at 1023 Alpharetta St. For more information, visit

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