Stitch and TDO get approval for South London towers

Stitch has received permission for a 25-story residential tower, which includes redeveloped space for builder merchants on the ground floor – while TDO’s 15-story residential tower replaces a previously consented scheme by Studio Partington.

Stitch’s Tower will see the demolition of a Jewson warehouse at Ilderton Wharf in Ilderton Street. The replacement tower will have a two-story podium, a nine-story shoulder and a 23-story element and will feature a grid-like facade with brick columns and deep openings.

The tower will provide 61 affordable housing and 109 market houses and is being developed by Jewson and Twenty Twenty Ilderton Wharf Limited. All houses will include balconies or conservatories and the project will provide a new public realm at ground level.

Southwark Council planners said the Stitch project was “high quality architecture”, praising the “depth and articulation of the facades” and adding that it would “enhance the existing appearance of the site in question whilst also referencing to the surrounding context”.

Meanwhile, TDO has meanwhile secured consent for a tower offering 59 homes – 16 of which are affordable – as well as 450m2 commercial space on the same road. The program replaces approved plans for a 12-storey building with 46 houses designed by Studio Partington.

The tower will be developed by Tailored Living Solutions at 301-303 Ilderton Road, on the same road as Stitch Tower and SPAARC-approved plans for a 28-storey, 322-home mixed-use scheme.

The design includes brick arches on the ground and first floors as well as brick palastres and balconies recessed into the mass of the building.

Southwark Council planners said the TDO scheme was also ‘high quality architecture’ and the houses would be ‘very good’, all meeting or exceeding space standards, and 66% being double dwellings.

Both schemes were approved by Southwark Council’s planning committee on Tuesday evening (October 18).

Stitch’s design for a 23-storey tower at Ilderton Road

View of the architects

Tom Lewith, Founding Director, TDO Architecture

Our proposals for Ilderton Road in Southwark will provide 59 new homes with ground and first floor work space. The homes will all benefit from generous layouts and private and communal amenity areas, including a large rooftop outdoor area with shared housing estates, play space and spectacular views over London.

Our proposals work with the tightly constrained flat iron shaped site, resulting in between four and five houses per floor. Columns anchor the three corners with recessed balconies, giving the building a beautiful silhouette. High masonry arches on the ground and first floors define the commercial space and reference the facades of local landmarks, including the Chapel of Christ the King and the adjacent railway line, which face Ilderton Road.

Sally Lewis, Principal, Stitch Architects

This complex mixed-use project in Southwark’s Old Kent Road opportunity area includes Stitch’s first large building and shows how residential and industrial uses can co-exist without compromise through co-design. This program grew out of our work with council on the Old Kent Road Master Plan, where we consistently championed street quality and pedestrian experience in what we call a bottom-up mixed-use environment.

The scheme manipulates site levels and complex access devices to successfully retain existing industrial use on the site. Above all, the mixed-use houses have access to a wealth of open space and amenities – from oversized balconies offering “outdoor rooms” and conservatories, to a choice of generous south-facing communal gardens accessed by the houses of all tenures and offering all play and amenity space for those under 18 on site.

Most importantly, the street environment is transformed to create a wonderful pedestrian experience for residents and passers-by, with a new showroom on the corner and celebrated with double-height entrances into residential buildings overlooking Surrey Canal Road.

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