Studios Architecture has transformed a former 1970s office building into an iconic business center creating a strong symbol of the constant renewal of the Paris La Défense business district

La Defense, Paris, France

Inspired by the urban environment, STUDIOS Architecture, contracted by SCI BD Guynemer, reimagined a 1970s office building and transformed it into a dynamic and inclusive development, demonstrating design leadership and technical prowess and innovation-driven programs.

The studio designed a dynamic building in the shape of a ribbon bringing an organic dimension to this urban decor.

Called Latitude, the building transforms the neighborhood with its unique facade, surprising in a landscape dominated by straight lines and high towers.

The Latitude transformation and extension project recently received a 2022 International Architecture Prize from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Architecture Studios Latitude

Located in a singular urban environment, between the railway line and the ring road viaduct, the former “Berkeley” building and its above-ground car park has been transformed into a 22,300 m² office building with services, becoming a destination.

Guided by movement, transparency and generous volumes, Latitude is distinguished by its dynamic and welcoming horizontality.

A flagship destination for new generations, it is intended to attract and retain talent looking for a more holistic work experience.

Visibility and access have been significantly improved through two key interventions: a 32 meter extension was added to the existing office building resulting in a 120 meter long façade along the viaduct.

The conversion of the former car park into an ever-changing dynamic and interactive ground floor has extended the base to 175 metres, creating a smooth transition to the low-rise residential area beyond.

The former car park has been transformed into a transparent and vibrant space with double and triple height volumes, culminating at almost 11 meters under a skylight in the heart of the building.

This active area provides a connection between the street and the property and serves as the main entrance to the site, signposted and protected by a large canopy opening onto the square.

The newly created square, fitted out by Paris La Défense and co-designed with STUDIOS Architecture, echoes the organic volumes of the facade, improving accessibility and offering a real urban square that would benefit the occupants of Latitude as well as the neighborhood in its entirety. together.

From this new plaza, the double-height lobby invites entry into the service-oriented interior street, offering a multitude of everyday experiences.

Architecture Studios Latitude

The diversity of dining destinations (atrium bar, food hall/salad bar, brasserie, grab & go, coffee bar) are designed for eating, living, working and socializing throughout the day, which can serve as alternative workspaces , collaboration rooms , and reception areas.

The highly flexible transformed, light-filled floor plates – spanning from 1,800 to 2,200 square meters each, over eight floors – offer unobstructed views of the city and, by overcoming technical and structural challenges, have increased the uninterrupted height of the floor to ceiling at 2.70 meters.

The total capacity of the property has been increased to accommodate 2,000 people.

Sustainability, performance and well-being were strong guiding principles, and the property aims to achieve HQE Exceptional, BREEAM Excellent, Effinergie+, Well V2 and Wiredscore Platinum.

The design of a health-focused future is further encouraged by outdoor spaces on the ground floor, an accessible Japanese-inspired pocket park on the second floor, and green roofs, enhancing both visual and sensory not only in the building itself but also in the neighborhood.

Project: Renovation-Extension Latitude
Architects: STUDIOS Architecture
General contractor: Bouygues Building IdF
Promoter: GCI (General Continental Investments)
Client: SCI BD Guynemer, represented by Générale Continentale Investissements (GCI)
Photographers: Arthur Weidmann and Nicolas Grosmond

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