The new aluminum grid offers an affordable and high-performance drainage alternative

Designer and manufacturer of architectural drainage, Stormtech introduces the Wave Grate, an Australian first aluminum grate designed to provide an affordable, high performance drainage alternative for residential and commercial bathroom applications.

The new Stormtech Wave Grate is a premium anodized aluminum drainage solution designed and manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian materials. Featuring a wave pattern never before seen on the market, Wave Grate is certified under WaterMark WMTS:-040:2021 to comply with the Plumbing Code of Australia and exceeds Australian building standards for quality and safety.

Wave Grate Profile

To ensure Wave Grate meets the high performance expectations of all Stormtech products, an insulator has been invented to ensure the aluminum grate and stainless steel channel are separated to eliminate the potential for corrosion.

Wave Grate features an easy-to-clean grate design with a silver, brass/gold, or satin black finish, and is available in modular kits as well as custom, fixed-length units in uPVC and stainless steel channels.

Stormtech Managing Director Troy Creighton says Wave Grate will be a game-changer for modern drainage by providing an Australian-first solution to architects, specifiers and industry professionals looking for a premium product to an average price.

“Wave Grate is 100% Australian in every way,” Creighton said.

“It is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australians and will deliver excellent performance suited to our harsh environment. Everything about the Wave Grate is about making your life easier. It’s comfortable to walk on and looks better in a bathroom because you can’t see the dirt in the channel, while maintaining high flow rates. It is corrosion resistant and will never fade. The design also provides a safe finish for wet areas as it “catches” water using surface tension and keeps it off the grid.

Creighton added that Stormtech had been waiting to release a wave grid design for decades.

“When Stormtech began designing sanitary drainage solutions, extruded aluminum channel was, and still is, considered not to be a suitable material for sanitary drainage when used in contact with cement or concrete. Although our stainless steel grates designs are known around the world, it was not until we resolved the legal and technical design issues, allowing us to seek assurance of WaterMark certification, that we finally been able to make the Wave Grille a reality for those looking for a mid-range product with superior performance and styling,” he said.

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