‘to grow a building’ uses 3D printing to create organic architecture

to develop a building at Jerusalem Design Week 2022

For Jerusalem Design Week 2022the 11the edition of Israel’s largest annual design event, a group of designers came to Hansen House to present “To Grow a Building”, an outdoor performative laboratory that imagined the possibility of a world in which the buildings are 3d printed from organic materials. Designers Elisheva Gillis, Gitit Linker, Danny Freedman, Noa Zermati, Adi Segal, Rebeca Partook and Nof Nathansohn produced a bespoke robotic arm linked to a computer, which methodically constructed small green structures from a Natural, raw mixture of soil and seeds. Once completed, the durable structures then take on a life of their own – the seeds germinate and transform the walls from the ground into a green facade, while the roots take hold in the walls and form a durable building material.

“To Grow a Building” for Jerusalem Design Week 2022

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From June 23-30, 2022, Jerusalem Design Week welcomed more than 40,000 design enthusiasts to the Hansen House Center for Design, Media and Technology, for the presentation of an eclectic mix of exhibitions, installations and design projects. more than 150 Israeli and international designers. The work of guest designers focused on this year’s theme “For Now”, exploring both the ephemeral of design and the design of the ephemeral, and examining the ways in which time can be harnessed to bring a positive effect in times of uncertainty.

Among the participating exhibits was the “To Grow a Building” project, which examines the possibilities of organic architecture in the face of a global ecological crisis. As the use of industrial and non-local resources only increases, “To Grow a Building” offers architecture that uses raw, natural materials such as soil and local roots as structural elements to replace unsustainable buildings. concrete and steel. The project presents a new approach to integrating flora into the architectural design process, by developing a new material for 3D printing through which seeding is an inseparable part of the manufacturing process.

'to grow a building' uses 3D printing to create organic architecture made of seeds and soil
seeding is an integral part of the manufacturing process

'to grow a building' uses 3D printing to create organic architecture made of seeds and soil
a bespoke robotic arm linked to a computer builds small structures from a raw mixture of soil and seeds

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