UGA takes advantage of summer slowdown to push campus construction projects forward – WGAU

While the University of Georgia is open and active with Maymester and summer classes, the majority of students are off campus until mid-August, the start of a new fall semester. UGA is taking advantage of the reduced student population and activity to work on various campus construction projects.

From the main UGA schedule…

In order to accommodate utility works, portions of DW Brooks Drive and the S16 parking lot will be closed from May 16, 2022 through July 20, 2022. The lower or northernmost section of the S16 parking lot and the adjacent northern access road ( just south of the Paul D. Coverdell Center) will be closed from May 16, 2022 to August 5, 2022. There will be three phases of construction which are illustrated in the attached diagrams. Pedestrian and vehicular access and routes are different during each of the phases and the contractor will place signage along the modified roads and pedestrian routes. Bus routes will also be affected and attached are the temporary re-routed bus routes with associated dates.

Outdoor space directly north of the Journalism Building will be upgraded and construction will begin May 16, 2022 and is expected to continue through August 12, 2022. There will be partial sidewalk closures along the south side of Baldwin Street and on the east side of Sanford Drive near Baldwin Street. The contractor will place signage along the modified pedestrian routes and established crosswalks.

Construction activities for Phase 1 of the new Poultry Science Complex, located north of the Boyd Research and Education Center, will begin March 14, 2022 and continue through September 2023.

The northern portion of DW Brooks Drive and sidewalks within the construction fence will be closed for the duration of the work. Temporary walkways as well as existing sidewalks around the perimeter of the construction site will remain open to allow pedestrian access around the construction site. Please refer to the map below and contact the Office of Academic Architects at (706) 542-3605 if you have any questions.

Beginning 5/23, utility work will begin at Field Street and work will move to various locations throughout the summer. This work will affect pedestrian walkways, transit routes and vehicular access routes including Sanford Drive, Field Street and Cedar Street. See the linked maps for more details and note that several phases will change access options throughout the summer.

Field Street will remain open to vehicular traffic, although the width of the roadway will be reduced. The sidewalk on the south side of Field Street will remain open. From 5/30 to 6/13, Sanford Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic; however, pedestrian access will not be obstructed along the west side of the roadway. From 6/13 to 6/17, Cedar Street will be closed to DW Brooks Drive, with limited vehicle access from East Campus Road to facilities and parking east of DW Brooks Drive. Alternate bus routes have been assigned during this time and are included in the linked maps.

Update: There will be a partial closure of the north (westbound) lane of Cedar Street between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25, as per the diagram below. There will be flaggers on site to direct traffic during this time. The sidewalk on the north side of Cedar Street will also be closed and pedestrian traffic will be routed to the south side of the street via the two crosswalks.

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