United Arab Emirates: this building redefines sustainable architecture

While sustainability is becoming a real issue on the architectural agenda, this project, which makes carbon neutrality a priority, is one of the buildings that combine aesthetics and environmental ethics.

The new BEEAH headquarters in Sharjah builds on its commitment to sustainable future and smart city. Inaugurated on March 30 in the United Arab Emirates, this architectural achievement has become a reference in terms of the design of sustainable workplaces, even in extreme climatic contexts.

An energy self-sufficient building

The Iraqi-British architect in charge of the projectZaha Hadid, has set up a zero-emission complex powered by a vast photovoltaic field. This makes the building energy self-sufficient throughout the year, which is quite a feat given the extremely high temperatures and the need for air conditioning. The use of the latest technologies has also allowed the building to reach the LEED Platinum standardcertified in Sustainable development. The materials used in the structure are mainly made from recycled materials.

A typical futuristic design

In addition to embodying the values ​​of sustainability, the architectural project of more than 2,700 square meters fits perfectly into the futuristic design of the United Arab Emirates. Located in the middle of the dunes of the Al Sajaa desert, the project was inspired by both its environment and the modern style that the country embodies. Slightly curved, its roofs seem to bend in the wind like sand.

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