WFISD Trustees to Discuss High School Construction

Members of the Wichita Falls ISD School Board are expected to discuss the construction of the two new high schools at a 6 p.m. Monday meeting at the Education Center.

In addition, administrators could take action on political boundaries and on a plan to exempt from measures such as the requirement to first issue a warning before evicting parents and others from campuses and schools. school events.

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In addition, a public hearing regarding the redrawing of trustee single-member constituency boundaries will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday prior to the meeting.

As for the construction of the new schools, none other than “Construction Discussion on WF Legacy HS and WF Memorial HS” was on Monday’s agenda.

WFISD is constructing Wichita Falls Memorial High School at 6422 Seymour Highway and Wichita Falls Legacy High School at Windthorst Road and Henry S. Grace Freeway.

During a special session on May 10, administrators received an update on the construction of secondary schools, which are expected to open in fall 2024, from David Potter of BYSP Architects.

In light of the 2020 Census information, WFISD and other public entities need to reevaluate their political boundaries.

The law firm of Allison, Bass & Magee will provide information at the public hearing on WFISD’s redistricting of single-member districts for directors.

WFISD has five single-member districts and two deputy heads.

Redistricting is meant to follow the guiding principle of one person, one vote so that not only can every qualified person vote, but every person’s vote carries equal weight.

The hearing includes a section reserved for public comments on the redrawing of political boundaries.

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During the following meeting, the administrators must consider and possibly decide on an ordinance adopting the redrawing of single-member districts.

Wichita Falls ISD Trust Districts

The proposal for renewal of the innovation district plan for 2022-2027 is on the agenda of the meeting. The proposal includes exemptions from the Texas education code.

The WFISD Innovation Plan must be renewed every five years. And if it is approved by the school board, it will be the first renewal.

The DOI program allows traditional school districts such as WFISD to have the flexibility available to the state’s open-enrollment charter schools.

The plan approved by the WFISD District Advisory Committee on May 5 in a public meeting includes exemptions for the school calendar, teacher certification, minimum attendance for credit, campus behavior coordinators, suspension for homeless students and the eviction of a parent or community member.

Trustees heard about the plan from Associate Superintendent Peter Griffiths at the May 10 meeting.

School board members are also required to meet behind closed doors to discuss personnel matters related to district employees.

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