Young people get inspired to re-embrace old architecture

Jaipur: To keep the ancient architecture of India alive in this age of modernization, the architecture festival was organized at India Stone Mart 2022 where well-known architects from across the country gathered under one roof at the JECC located to Sitapura from Jaipur on Friday. Inaugurating the UDH edition, Minister Shanti Dhariwal made a poignant appeal to the architects present in the program, and said that architecture has an important contribution in this glorious history of India. “There are buildings here that are unique in themselves and famous all over the world. But in this age of modernity, India’s ancient architecture is being left behind. The young people of the country are doing another job, in such a situation, something has to be done so that these young people can embrace the old architecture again,” Dhariwal said. He further added, “The temple buildings that were built earlier in Rajasthan are still present today. Millions of people come to see the sculpting and building practices employed. The architecture of Rajasthan has become an example throughout the country. Vastushastra does not only mean to build, but rather to make this building solid and beautiful. The ancient architecture of Rajasthan is dying. The children of those who were previously craftsmen are now concentrating on other work. Leave your architectural skills, which is wrong. They should keep this art alive and that can only happen when the migration of these children is stopped. We have to make them financially sound. Dhariwal also commended the Housing Board of Rajasthan from the stage and the exemplary work done by the Housing Board in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Housing Board Commissioner Pawan Arora expressed his delight over this.

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